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Here is an excerpt from a LOS ANGELES TIMES article featuring an interview with Emily, September 4, 2008.


"New Jersey-based Emily Dann, 19, recently returned from Athens, where she was on the hit television show "So You Think You Can Dance Greece." Her sojourn lasted four months and was the direct result of a New York-based audition listing she found on the website.


"I heard about the site from another dancer and joined last year," says Dann, who with her partner was among the last eight couples on the Greek show before getting the boot. "I think it's awesome. It gives so many people opportunities, and without it I wouldn't be going on three to four auditions a week."


Meanwhile, anyone who wants to check out Dann's steamy moves in the Greek capital  and her tearful departure -- can find them, naturally, on YouTube, where Andy Warhol's prophecy that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes now seems superseded by a world of eternal renown. At least in cyberspace, Dann and others like her can continue to dance, download and dream to their hearts' content, all the while tracking those millions of viewers."


Click here to read the entire article about Emily's success on So You Think You Can Dance. She found the audition on This is an article about its founder, Grover Dale.